Shiv Trivedi

CS + Linguistics at UIUC



🧗 ascent

Multifunctional wristband for rock climbers that monitors grip strength

🔒 BLE Unlock

Bluetooth Low Energy proximity authentication system for Linux

🧲 MagSpoof

MagSpoof is a device that emulates swiping a magstripe card wirelessly using magnetic fields

🇮🇳 Gujarati HCR (WIP)

Gujarati Handwriting Character Recognition System

☝️ Jeshture

Gesture interpretation using an IMU

🕯️ Lux-o-meter

Light measurement display box

✂️ AutoClip

AutoClip is a Python library that creates a montage from video files and music

🚀 ImposterBot

An open-source Discord bot to enhance your Among Us experience

🚁 Drone Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering a cheap toy drone

👨‍💻 PostureSaver

Simple solution to monitor posture while working at a webcam equipped computer

🦖 DinoML

Playing the Chrome dinosaur game using NEAT genetic evolution

🤖 ARBot

Web interface to view AR 3D model by scanning a QR code

🚌 BusTracker

School bus tracking and notification system

TOTP Generator

Arduino Based TOTP Generator

🗂️ QRAttendance

QR-code based attendance system

🌊 WavePool

Wavetable Synthesizer Generation Utilizing Measurement of Photon Movement in Liquid

⏏️ P4wnP1

Implementation of mame82's P4wnP1

🥫 CanCrusher

Can crusher created for an introduction to manufacturing class

📚 SmartLib

2018 FBLA Nationals Mobile App Submission

👾 TitanPowerUp

Mobile arcade game to spread the message of STEM in the community

🦠 Colon Cancer Detection

Image classifier for colon cancer detection

🧊 Soma Cube

Simple 3D printed puzzle cube

🚉 MARTA Bus Input Tool

2017 ATL MARTA Hackathon Submission

🎛 Passive Audio Mixer

Passive stereo audio mixer

🃏 EV3 Card Dealer

LEGO Mindstorms EV3 card dealer