Pine64's PineTime

by Shiv Trivedi

The Pine64 PineTime is an extremely affordable smartwatch, advertised as a free and open-source smartwatch capable of running custom-built open operating systems.


After recently getting one on my wrist (much ❤️ to @lux), I instantly fell into the hole of wanting to develop my own custom software additions and features for it.

Comparing two popular choices for operating systems, waspOS which is Python-based and easy to get started with but very clunky and battery draining, and InfiniTime which is written in C/C++ and based on FreeRTOS, I decided to go with InfiniTime.

I want to implement features that already exist on the Apple Watch, such as message notifications and music control. So far I've written a simple script for proximity-based unlocking of my laptop (similar to this) and published it here.

As an iOS user, getting features such as iMessage and other notifications to show on my watch would be a huge achievement.

I will periodically post updates to this blog as I release more software to interface with my watch.